27 August 2007

A Trio Of Sydney Morning Herald Show-Biz Links

In my never-ending campaign to make myself out a liar, here are a trio of various show-biz links, all from the Sydney Morning Herald, for you.

The first is to a story about a new documentary,by Julien Temple about the late Joe Strummer, the lead singer of The Clash, at

The second's to an articlelette about Sir Ian McKellen and why he couldn't make an appearance on New Zealand's longest-running soap opera, while doing a tour there in a production of King Lear, at http://www.smh.com.au/news/tv--radio/no-soap-for-sir-ian/2007/08/28/1188067085473.html, and the third's to a SMH video gossip show that mentions that Pete Doherty(of Oasis and Kate Moss fame, remember him??)'s cat turned up with traces of cocaine in its system after it was tested for it, after his recent bust for possession of the stuff. It's at http://media.smh.com.au/?rid=31055, and is appropriately enough called "Trash Talk".

There are two reasons I posted the last link; one is that, if true, Doherty's a real swine for allowing his cat and her kittens, some of which were also tested positive for traces of cocaine in their systems, to even get near the stuff. One thing to hammer yourself like that, another to hammer animals that have no way of consenting to it is another.

The other's that, particularly when one sees the rest of the shit on offer at "Trash Talk", that such crap can be considered news, period.

Either way, be seeing you.

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