17 August 2007

Vegas After It Rains And Towards Sunset

Decided, 10 minutes or so after posting the Vegas When It Rains pics, to go to the local Albertsons to get some cat food and other knick-knacks.

Also decided to bring my camera along, and see what pictures I could get of some of the various sky effects, and so on.

These are the results.

They aren't entirely in order, as you will see when you take a closer look at the pictures, and it was my intention to post them in order of my having gone to and from the store, which is at the southeast corner of N. Lamb and Bonanza Road in Vegas' north-east.

Nonetheless, here they are, in somewhat muddled order.

BTW, the pics this time out have only had their resolutions halved. No other editing of any sort has been done to them, so you can, for better or for worse, what my eye, and the camera's lens, saw.

Enjoy, and be seeing you.

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