27 August 2007

Las Vegas Americans Against Escalation In Iraq Meeting To-Morrow Night

Well, damnit, here I go, making a liar out of myself, when I said in the last post that it would be my last one this evening.

But, I think the occasion warrants it.

The Las Vegas chapter of Americans Against Escalation In Iraq will be holding a town-hall meeting/vigil featuring an Iraq War veteran, as well as two other veterans(wars unnamed)and a local religious leader at the Painters' Hall, 1701 Whitney Mesa, in Henderson at 6:00 PM to-morrow evening. Yes, refreshments will be served, you Greedy-Guts, so let there be no carping on that score.

The vigil will be held after the town-hall meeting.

Can't make it, as I've not enough for bus fare to and fro, but can at least give you the info so you can go out there and attend yourselves.

Very rarely, it's a good thing when I make a liar out of myself, but this is one of those occasions.

Be seeing you.

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