19 August 2007

Japanese TV Commercial 2

Next in our series on Japanese tv commercials from YouTube is this mid- or late '70's kaiju(Ultraman, and other Japanese monster-fighting superheroes, for those of you unfamiliar with the term kaiju)-influenced vacuum cleaner ad.

In this clip, actually a set of three short clips, we see our heroine turn into an Ultraman-style superheroine, when summoned to deal with a nasty monster attacking a city.

She bests him by using her vacuum cleaning powers, and disposes of it, all in a nice little plastic baggie.

Left this as a comment on a MySpace friend's profile this morning, 'cos I figured she'd get a kick out of seeing a traditionally feminine domestic task turned into a super power, even if only for the purpose of selling a line of vacuum cleaners.

For you kaiju fans, or for those who like interesting novelties, well, enjoy for your own reasons.

Be seeing you.

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