15 August 2007

A Surprise Message From US Senator Jon C. Porter

Got this message from Sen. Jon C. Porter two days ago at my Hotmail account, and I pass it onto you.

Won't reveal the nature of the surprise in the text below here, but will say that, considering just how pro-Administration Porter's generally been in his time in office, the sentiments on display here raised my eye-brows, to say the least.

Be seeing you.

August 13, 2007

Mr. Donald Rilea
457 N. Lamb, Unit F
Las Vegas, NV 89110-3376

Dear Donald:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the dismissal of eight U.S. Attorneys, including Nevada's U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden. I appreciate hearing from you on this serious matter.

As you may know, political appointees, including U.S. Attorneys, serve at the pleasure of the President. In 1993, President Clinton asked all 93 U.S. Attorneys to resign when he became President, and he asked several more to resign throughout his Presidency. Recently, 8 U.S. Attorneys were asked to resign from the Department of Justice.

After hearing testimony from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, I believe the Department of Justice has egregiously mishandled the firing of the eight attorney generals in question. Attorney General Gonzales has become a distraction and, as a result, has lost the confidence of the American people.

Attorney General Gonzales must step down for his actions in dismissing exemplary public servants like Daniel Bogden, who fought for the residents of Nevada for 5 years.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Jon C. Porter
Member of Congress


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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hi Donald Rilea, I saw your name there on this post that made it to the newswire--haven't seen you since college days at UNR, although I've heard about you here and there--


Lisa, friend of Terri

lasvegan2007 said...

Don, fortunately Jon Porter is not a US Senator, but a mere Representative in the House... Although he might be a Senator someday, let's not promote him before he does it the old-fashioned way.... he EAAAARNS it!!!

figurepornography said...

Right you are, and I apologise for the mistake.