17 August 2007

My Little Corner Of Vegas When It Rains

The monsoon season here in the Las Vegas Valley began over a month ago, but hadn't taken any pics of what it looks like here, when it rains during that season, until a little while ago, when, after hearing the thunder outside of my place, I decided to come outside and enjoy the rain, which we don't get that much of, that often, here.

The pics were an after-thought,really.

So, this is for those of you out there who may never have seen any pictures of any part of Las Vegas when it rains, and, it's also for those of you who either live here in the Valley, or have lived here, and know the joy that one can feel being in Las Vegas when it rains, especially during the monsoon season.

Unless you have to drive in it, that is.

Some of the pics have had the brightness quotients kicked up a notch, simply because the originals could be quite dark, and, of course, they've been halved in resolution so as to make it easier to up-load to the 'Net.

Other than that, the pics are what they are.

Enjoy, and be seeing you.

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lasvegan2007 said...

I agree about the pleasure of Las Vegas in the rain, especially during monsoon season. There is a certain stillness in the air, and, in addition to the welcome coolness it brings, somehow the rain disturbs the fine dust which covers everything in Las Vegas, causing a faint but familiar scent to rise in the air -- a scent that is unmistakable and very distinctive. When rain comes to Las Vegas, there is a cleansing.