23 August 2007

A Pair Of World Science Article Links

Here are a pair of links to articles on the World Science web-site for you to peruse.

The first is to a new study linking several school shooting in the past decade to a psychological condition called "cynical shyness", which is shyness more than laced by considerable anger, cynicism and hostility towards others, and may be an underlying cause of the rage that propels some kids, especially boys, to blast their school-mates.

The study was done by the Shyness Research Institute in New Albany, Indiana, and was presented at the American Psychological Association's annual convention in San Francisco last week-end.

Is "cynical shyness" THE explanatory factor behind school shootings???? I don't know, and say that it probably isn't the only such factor, but it could well be a contributing one.

The article's at http://www.world-science.net/othernews/070820_cynical-shyness.htm.

The next and last article is about how female Rhesus monkeys use a form of baby-talk, called "girneys" on infant Rhesus monkeys, but, not with their own offspring.

This behaviour, similar to human "motherese", or baby talk, may be a way of interacting with the infant Rhesus monkeys, while smoothing social interactions with their mothers.

The link's http://www.world-science.net/othernews/070823_baby-talk.htm.

Check 'em out, and be seeing you.

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