29 August 2007

Your Japanese Obscenity Lesson

Now, from the political, we go to a bit of a foreign language obscenity lesson, and the phrase in question is Japanese in origin.

Picked this up from a friend of mine in a chat room early this morning, and thought I'd pass it along to you.

The phrase is, "Ah, Nan Desu Fuck", and it means, "What the Fuck???".

Now, here's my quick and dirty pronunciation guide to the phrase.

"Ah", is pronounced just like "Ah" in "Open up and say, Ah".

"Nan" is pronounced "Nahn", with the "Ah" in the middle being pronounced just like its counter-part above.

"Desu" is roughly pronounced like "Days", though there's just a TINY hint of a U at the word's end.

As for "Fuck", well, if ya don't know how to pronounce THAT word by now, you never will!!!!

Anyway, am unsure as to the precise meaning of "Ah" in this sentence, but it's probably an intensifying word, "Nan" means "What", "Desu" means "Is" or "Are", depending on the context, and "Fuck".... Oh, Jesus H. Christ On A Pogo Stick!!!! If ya don't know what THAT means already, you really ARE all wet!!!!

Anyway, as my friend explained it to me, the phrase is used in a context of great shock and surprise, just like its English counter-part.

Warning: if you've any Japanese-speaking friends, acquaintances, business associates, it's generally NOT a good idea to use this within either their ear-shot, and especially NOT to their faces, unless you want to be good and rude to them for some reason.

Also, I would definitely NOT recommend using this on any rough-looking Yakuza, biker, punker or other types in a bar, unless you're planning to get in the first shot on 'em, or you want to commit suicide.

Anyhow, that's your Japanese Obscenity Lesson for now.

Have fun, be careful out there, and be seeing you.

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