17 August 2007

Las Vegas Now News-Link: Las Vegas To Run Out Of Water By 2010

From the KLAS Channel 8 Las Vegas news blog, comes this disturbing article on projections by the Southern Nevada Water Authority that the Las Vegas area may run out of water by 2010.

I don't re-post this here(it was originally in an e-mail sent to me by a friend of mine)to panic people, but rather, to get some sort of active discussion going among us here in the Valley as to what to do about the problem.

Then, from there, to work out the best possible way to solve this problem that would be beneficial to the vast majority of people living here.

The link's http://www.lasvegasnow.com/Global/story.asp?s=6943263.

Be seeing you.

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lasvegan2007 said...

It seems Las Vegas will run out of water long before our local water Czarina, Pat Mulroy, runs out of years in her seemingly-everlasting tenure.

I brought up the Gus Hall-like longevity of some American political fixtures the other day, and Mulroy (albeit unelected) seems to fit this description.

She, and her job as head of the LV Valley Water District, seem to fall into that category of public jobs (like the head of the LV Convention and Visitors Authority) which wield almost omnipotent powers in their respective bailiwicks, and seemingly have to die before their seat can be turned over.

It's sad, because I see these interminable tenures of some of our public officials as a not well recognized, but insidious, nod in the direction of totalitarianim. Much like political nepotism and the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton thing in the US.

-Joe T.