21 August 2007

Got Phished

Well, it happened. Tried sending a message of condolence to a MySpace friend whose daughter got snubbed by her ex-husband at a cousin's wedding recently, and even tried enclosing a kitty pic I'd got on-line, when MySpace let me know I'd been phished.

Thus, had to come up with a new password, you get the whole idea. So, if I've sent out any bulletins for ring-tones or just something you don't think it'd be into, guess who's responsible for that???

You got it-Mr.Phisherman.

Took me about three to four tries before I could get the account un-blocked, but I got it un-blocked.

Frustrating??? Oh, yeah. Also, alas, a part of being on the 'Net.

At least, now I can say that I know how a founded flounder feels.

Be seeing you, Little Fishies.

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