08 August 2007

Attention, Radio Freaks!!!!! World Radio Broadcast Links!!!

Tired of your usual radio news, sports, talk, Top 40, Country, Public Radio, whatever, usual fare, Bunky????

Well, here's Unca Donald with the cure for your radio blues, on-line world broadcasting links!!!! Harvested by Yours Truly, so you don't have to!!!!

Let's start off with a broadcast outlet close to home. In fact, it's just north of the border, and that's the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's site, where you can get streaming audio of CBC 1, CBC 2 and CBC 3 programmes 24 hours a day at http://www.cbc.ca/programguide/radio/.

What, still too Yankified for y'all??? Sheesh!!!! Well, let's head on down Venezuela way, and remember to put on your Spanish language cap when ya do. Here's the addy to Radio Nacional de Venezuela, the government of Venezuela's outlet, at http://www.rnv.gov.ve/noticias/.

Then, we take a spastic hop, skip and jump right next door to Venezuela's eastern neighbour, Guyana, and its broadcasting outlet, Voice of Guyana International, at http://www.voiceofguyana.com/.

Next, let's pop on down to Paraguay, in the heart of South America, and bop on over to to Radio Nacional de Paraguay's site, where you can get streaming audio broadcasts of Paraguayan music in Spanish and Guarani, the country's two official languages(Paraguay is the only country in the whole of the Americas which has a native language as one of its official languages)at http://www.rnpy.com/.

How'zabout a quick jolt over to Uruguay's broadcasting outlet, S.O.D.R.E.(Servicio Oficial de Difusion Radiotelevision y Espectaculos-Official Radio and Television News and Entertainment Service)at http://www.sodre.gub.uy/, and then to Argentina's Radio Nacional's site at http://www.radionacional.gov.ar/.

Now, let's take a quick trip to Radio New Zealand International's site at http://www.rnzi.com/index.php, Radio Australia's site at http://www.abc.net.au/ra/, the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation's site at http://www.sibconline.com.sb/, and Radio Singapore International's site at http://www.rsi.sg/.

From South America, across the Pacific, and to Southeast Asia in four quick hops, all in comfort of your own home. Now, show me a travel agency that can give you a better deal than THAT, eh????

We'll stop our trip here, with these last two station links, the Voice of Vietnam at http://www.vovnews.vn/, and Radio Japan at http://www.nhk.or.jp/rj/index_e.html.

I'll be back later with more world broadcast links for you to peruse, but I think this should hold you lot for now.

Whenever possible, I've tried to look for English-language pages where you can click onto English-language broadcasts from these outlets. But, for the ones I've not, either they don't have 'em, or you can find them by looking for a link marked "English", which is usually somewhere along the top portion of the site's home page.

Oh, just in case, these AREN'T enough for ya, ya spoilt brats, here's one last link, and that's to the British Forces Broadcasting Service(the British equivalent to the American Forces Radio and Television Service that broadcasts to American military folks overseas)'s home page at http://www.ssvc.com/bfbs/index.htm.

Got that??? OK, brilliant.

Well, enjoy this lot, and see ya with more whenever I feel like getting 'round to it.

Be seeing you.

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