07 August 2007

Once Was Lost, But Now Found

Late this morning, I got a message in my in-box here from an old friend of mine, with whom I'd been part of the Committee For Public Safety(a mid-'90's Las Vegas arts group), and, slightly later on, had been a co-host on a segment of a late-night Sunday radio show at the university radio station here in town.

Well, after our gig ended there, and that was around ten years ago now, he ended up leaving town, and we fell outta touch.

Had asked mutual acquaintances, whenever I infrequently saw 'em, how this friend was doing, and their responses indicated to me that his fate wasn't good.

So, you better believe I was happier than all Hell and the Devil himself, when I got that message from him this morning.

Added him to my friends' list here, and sent 'im a reply to his second message a few minutes ago.

For some of the problems and frustrations I've encountered here on MySpace, and elsewhere on-line, it's moments like this, as well as re-encountering Jason Quiggle and Mlle Omnisciente at earlier points in time, that make being here worth it and more.

Welcome aboard, Jim!!!! Damn nice to have ya here.

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