09 August 2007

Propaganda In Action 6

Again, from Nazi Germany, comes this anti-Semitic cartoon, "Das Guldende Baumchen", and, alas, I know not the date when it was made or who made it.

This cartoon, if I recall correctly, mixes colour cartoon footage with black-and-white "documentary" footage of "Jewish" urban decadence to make its point that the Jews are the disruptors of the "natural" order of life, as represented by the forest in the animated segments.

Warning: this video contains anti-Semitic visual and spoken rhetoric, so, those of you who may be strongly affected by it, are kindly warned not to view it.

Also, simply because this cartoon, as well as the one below it, and any others posted here, have been posted by me, it doesn't mean that I endorse the Nazi point of view on Jews, or anything else.

Have posted this here, in the hopes that, by seeing what kind of shit those bastards were using to sell their world-view to the German, and to a far lesser extent, the world's, public, one can better understand exactly WHY it became so easy for the Nazis to get the majority of Germans to go along with their policies and actions, including the Holocaust.

Also, by contrasting these examples of Nazi propaganda with American propaganda from the same period, one can also see the similarities and differences between the two cultures and their propaganda styles.

In the end, this series' purpose is to slightly better educate those of you out there seeing this to begin to critically analyse and evaluate the visual, aural and spoken rhetoric that one sees and hears every day, and to be able to accept or reject that rhetoric based on what it says and doesn't say.

Be seeing you.

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