09 August 2007

Classic Japanese Anime: "The Spider and the Tulip"

Our second, and last, piece of classic Japanese anime comes from 1943, and is entitled "The Spider and the Tulip". The plot concerns the attempts by an evil spider, drawn with a stereotypical African-American face, and with a deep baritone-bass voice that calls to mind what a Japanese Paul Robeson would have sounded like, to lure a young ladybug girl into his web.

The spider, however, fails in these attempts, and comes to a sticky end(no pun intended)in a violent rain storm.

The most striking things about "The Spider and the Tulip", aren't the plot nor characters, but the renderings of the vegetation, sky and weather effects in the cartoon, some of which are very well done indeed.

In closing, one thing I should have warned you about in the earlier post, and am doing so here, and that's the lack of English sub-titles for the titles and dialogue in both films.

However, the films are made well enough that I believe one can reasonably follow the action without need of sub-titles.

Enjoy, and be seeing you.

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