10 August 2007

Propaganda In Action 8

The next entry in the Propaganda In Action series comes from the Soviet Union, and is a 1924 animated short, "Interplanetary Revolution", in which two Red Army aviators fly to Mars to spread the ideals of the Bolshevik Revolution and overthrown the Martian capitalist nasties running the joint.

I don't know if this film was released around the same time as "Aelita", a live-action feature film with essentially the same premise as "Interplanetary Revolution", but it is interesting to see that there were two such experiments with science fiction in the Soviet Union at around the same time period in the mid-1920's.

"Interplanetary Revolution"'s main defects are, of course, the ham-handed propaganda running throughout its imagery and story-line, and, worse to my mind, the wandering story-line that makes it rather hard to follow at times.

Still, even if for no other reason, check this out to see an example of early Soviet science fiction, which is a literary and film genre still relatively unknown in the West.

Enjoy, and be seeing you.

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