07 August 2007

I Was Hitler’s Record Collection

This article in to-day's The Independent(UK)details the amazing story of how Hitler's personal record collection ended up in the hands of a Jewish Red Army captain after the fall of Berlin in May, 1945, and, more importantly, that among the various works and artists found in that collection, there were a number of recordings of works by Russian and Jewish composers and performers in it, in addition to the usual Teutonic classics(Wagner, Bruckner, etc)that Hitler and his regime favoured.

The article's reporter makes the observation that, given this, Hitler was a hypocrite as well as a mass murderer.

Quite true.

However, considering how many top-and-middle-ranking Nazi officials were married to Jewish women, or had Jewish mistresses, this perhaps shouldn't come as a complete surprise.

Only just goes to show that regimes, like fish, usually stink from the head down.

The link's http://news.independent.co.uk/europe/article2841357.ece.

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