07 August 2007

A Pair of Links About The Jena(LA)Six

Well, having finished catching up on the re-posts from my MySpace blog here, here's an article I posted there just a few minutes ago.

Hope you all out there will find it of interest.

Just saw a bulletin posted by a friend of mine here to ColorOfChange.org, which is launching a campaign to get justice for the six African-American youths charged in the beating of a European-American youth in Jena, Louisiana.

Posted an editorial by Mumia Abu-Jamal and a link to a Washington Post article about this story last week here, and they should still be up.

In the meantime, if you want to sign an on-line petition to Louisiana State Governor Kathleen Blanco, and the DA prosecuting the case, Reed Walters, contribute money to the campaign, or head on down to Jena on 20th September, here's the link to follow-http://www.colorofchange.org/jena/?id=1845-222680.

Also, am enclosing an article from the Austin(Texas)Weekly News about the case. It gives a brief chronology of events, and a brief out-line of what has occurred since then.

It's at http://austinweeklynews.1upsoftware.com/main.asp?Secti..1&SubSecti..1&ArticleID=1342&TM=12921.11.

Be seeing you.

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